Graphite foil has excellent thermal properties and can withstand a wide range of temperatures
as well as high pressure.
We can fabricate it to fit custom applications.

Flexible Graphite Heater Tubes* for PCD cutter production

Advantage over machined graphite tubes:

  • Easier to store, handle, and assemble without breakage compared to machined graphite
  • Electrical resistance is higher than standard machined graphite allowing for lower power input
  • Flexible Heater tubes DO NOT CRACK during the pressing cycle
    • No cracks means no hot spots
    • No hot spots mean fewer defects
  • Electrical resistance is strictly controlled through the manufacturing process and inspection
    • More consistent heating, fewer defects
  • No graphite dust generated during handling
    • Operators do not get graphite on their hands
    • No chance of contamination of the product with carbon
  • High purity materials with zero emissions during pressing process
  • Used successfully in production at major producers for over five years
    • Some customers have experienced 30-40% lower defects after changing from Machined Graphite Heater tubes.


Saginaw Carbon can provide solutions for industries and applications beyond those listed. We would be happy to discuss those applications in greater detail with you. Saginaw Carbon prides itself on taking applications and improving upon them. Let us know what we can do for you.

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