No two businesses are alike, so you deserve custom solutions rather than the usual solutions. Saginaw Carbon thrives on the challenge of providing unique products that meet your precise quality and standards.

As a company, we are young, but we come with 30 years worth of experience. We have a track record you can count on.

What to Expect from Us

Your business demands consistent quality. Expect Saginaw Carbon to deliver a consistent product that meets your specifications every single time. Saginaw Carbon delivers products with exact precision in meeting your specifications.


Exclusive products

Saginaw Carbon has a patented products.

We also provide custom products that are designed and engineered to meet your specific requirements.

Please inquire about the unique products we have available.


From start to finish

Contact us to schedule a consultation. Tell us what you need. If the product you need doesn’t currently exist, we will collaborate with you to find a solution. Saginaw Carbon does more than simply sell products. We solve problems. Put our knowledge and expertise in carbon and graphite to use. Product satisfaction guaranteed.


Saginaw Carbon can provide solutions for industries and applications beyond those listed. We would be happy to discuss those applications in greater detail with you. Saginaw Carbon prides itself on taking applications and improving upon them. Let us know what we can do for you.

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